Post op Day 4 ... Looking good!


Really impressed with the outcome so far. And only tiny little incision marks. Mr Ecker did a great job.

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  1. wow

    that looks great....

    how far had you hand contracted before surgery?

    I have it in both hands (which is supposed to be rare).

    did the surgeon give you a rough timeframe on how long it will be before it needs addressing again..


    fellow sufferer Gaz

  2. Hey Gaz,

    My index and ring fingers had just started contracting and where they were sitting forward from where they should have been. Also I had marked contracture on my palm.

    I'll do a before and after pic as soon as the last of the bruising has gone.

    Now my surgeon Mr Jeff Ecker, has told me three times now, that it is better to treat this early rather than later. The soon you do it the less invasive surgery and rehab you will need.

    Having it in both hands is a bugger... but your surgeon will be able to advise on how to treat it for your case.

    In terms of recurrence, there is no fix time with Dupuytrens. It can go in cycles of activiation. I had some steroid into my palm at surgery to slow down/arrest reoccurrence. But again, he told me post op as soon as I notice it again, back I go.

    If you are in Perth, I would strongly recommend Jeff Ecker at SJG Medical Cente - Western Orthopeadic Clinic.

    Hope that helps. Let me know how you get on.


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