Chill from my buddies at Faded+Blurred


I am so excited to tell you about this.  Jeffery and Nikki from Faded+Blurred have been work on this project for many months.  They have picked a great subject, and probably one of the most difficult photographic food subject to shoot.  The topic... Ice-cream.  They have spent many months working and refining on the recipes and the imagery and have produced an outstanding e-book that I highly recommend.  The eBook is 60+ pages of delicious recipes and divine imagery.  Am I waxing lyrical about this?  Well maybe, and the guys are selling the eBook for $5.00 here, which I personally think is outrageously cheap.  Anyhow, if you love the  ice cream then you will want to have this in your cookbooks.  Also if you are into photography you may also enjoy the rest of their site, which focuses more on the art than gizmo's of photography.  Highly recommended.

"Chill" by Faded+Blurred

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