the local cat finds our fishtank....


OK, anyone who knows me knows that I'm a dog person... not as cool on cats... but we have a little neighbourhood cat who comes visiting most days.  If the door is open she comes in, wanders around, goes upstairs, says hello, then leaves.

Well on Saturday this changed for some reason... she has been coming around for a year or so, and on Saturday she was wandering around whilst Paul and I were on our laptops in the kitchen, and she all of a sudden discovers the fish-tank.  

What did she do.  She assumed the position, staring at the fish, whilst her tail was whipping back and forth. 

Then a few moments later... I noticed the clown loaches (orange and black stripe fish) were eyeing of the cat... the game was on!  For the next 30min the big clown loach was swimming up and down the tank and when it couldn't see the cat, it would come up to the edge of the tank and look for the cat.   Cat would relocate to where the fish was, tail whipping in increasing frenzy. 

Next thing I hear is the cat jumping up and down. I turn around to find this. 

She and the clown loach are now playing tag!  So I grabbed the V1 and snapped a few shots of this game going on... for the last three nights... she comes to play with her new friend.

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