Welcome to 2012...


Well for those of us in Oz, welcome to 2012.  Those buddies in far off countries, enjoy your New Years Eve.

Now to start 2012 off with a bang, I thought I would share one of my all time favourite images.  This one is of my buddy Damien, who is a professional diver, and we did a shoot for a fundraising campaign which we are expecting to be launched this year.

I really like this image and had the opportunity to shoot it twice... first whilst we were scouting locations, then again many months later.  Now what you don't see is the crew (Craig and Paul) getting very wet and trying to avoid getting the flash equipment wet, and myself dropping my flash remote in the water, and copping a full wave in the face!  Thank goodness for pro-gear with good seals!

Anyways ladies and gents... welcome to the new year and I hope you enjoy this image and get to see the final image in the production that it was created for... more to come...

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  1. Linda likes Damien, and the shot...had trouble getting her away from the laptop actually!!

  2. Ahhh... thats why he was an easy choice for the cover!

  3. any reason the photo has been replaced by a exclaimation mark???

  4. not sure.... have re-posted it


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