Where are the fine art pieces going, you ask?


Hey all,

As you know I have been incredibly fortunate to work on a large commission, providing fine art pieces for a number of buildings for a new complex in Abu Dhabi.   Well after a bit of digging I have found an artists rendering of the finished buildings.  My works are going across all buildings.  Current status?  Work are all shipped and now in Dubai for framing, and on target for installation in September.  Soooo excited to see them up!  Again, a big thanks to my Gary, for providing the opportunity to do this... truely an amazing experience, learnt so much.  Anyways... the pic you say? what? where is it?  hehehe... here you go...

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  1. I think the whole Family need to get complimentary Accomodation for at least a week, so we can properly view and assess your Tremendous Artistic talents.....

  2. hahaha.... me first I say!!


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