Ok... Ok.... the large canvas....


OK, here you go. 

I had a number of calls about the canvas I was working on.  It's a 24x34" canvas of my cowboys pic.  One of my all time favourite images. 

I posted up the black and white version the other day, but I had a few calls about the colour version.  It's bright, it's vibrant... and I love it.

Now a bit of boring photoshop detail.  Processed in Nikon Capture, the original is 8x6" and has been blown up with the help of Genuine Fractuals.  Image manipulation is minimal, cropping, and a bit of dodging and burning, and a tad of cloning on the shirts to cover a few stains which are a lot more evident on the larger image.  

Canvas is being processed by Fitzgerald Photo Labs  www.fitzgeraldphoto.com.au who I highly recommend. 

Where's it going?  In the studio.  When can you see it? Whenever you want. 


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