a quick portrait of Ken


Ken Wyatt asked me for a quick portrait to capture his image covering his status in the Noongar community, and as a senior beaurocrat in Health and a person of the Perth community.  

The Noongaare an indigenous Australian people who live in the south-west corner of Western Australia fromGeraldton on the west coast to Esperance on the south coast. Their country extends from Jurien Bay in the north to the southern coast, and east to Ravensthorpe and Southern Cross.  'Noongar' is also the name for their common language. Their name, in the various original dialects is thought to mean "people". In the south, the spelling 'Noongar' is preferred.

I spent about 9+ months working with the Office of Aboriginal Health, lobbying and securing Commonwealth monies to assist in the improvement of health in the Western Australian Aboriginal community (in my other job).  It was a great experience and a great bunch of people to work with.  

So what did we capture?   A couple of images... the first here, is an image of Ken in his suit, and official skins and feathers, up in Kings Park overlooking the city.  Simple setup, meaningful image. 

The next couple were an images out by the office.

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