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A couple of images from the Monkey Forest in Bali in Ubud.  A really nice place to go, unless your afraid of monkeys!  Hundreds of the little buggers!  The one with Paul was absolutely fascinated with the coconut as it was rattling and he wanted what was inside.  The image with the little monkey and the red blob is interesting... the red blob, ice cream.  Just goes to show that little people and little monkeys like ice cream... though he didn't like how cold it was... it was hilarious as he would take a lick and then squeal, then back for more....

The one with me, I think I posted before, but it is an amazing shot and just goes to show how used to people the monkey are... just a note to people who are planning to go... don't have ANYTHING on your head or in pockets... the little buggers are quick and know that they get food from you to get back your belongings... which of course are sold by helpful and industrious people in the forest

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