An update


So its been a while since I last updated. In fact I think... just checking... yup... it was when we got back from Bali.

Well since then it has been very busy. Work has been busy for both of us. Paul involved in all the planning and development stuff at the moment as well as a full clinical load and head of department! He is a great guy and my love. I think he's a such a remarkable and loving guy, yeah yeah yeah I know I biased... hey its ok, he NEVER reads the blog... he only checks which images I put up ;-)

Work for me has been busy too. Doing some work on Aboriginal health and the COAG (Council of Australia Governments) at the moment on top of all the other stuff. Busy and very tight time frames.

The good news is though we haven't only been doing work! We have been social as well mainly with dinners... oh which reminds me I have some images from lunch last week I have forgotten to do. OK, going to post this and then find the camera.

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