wow ... its been a month since the last post....


Well things have been very busy down this neck of the woods. Lots has been going on and for those of you who we haven't been in contact with - our apologies.

Work has been very busy for both of us and getting time to relax is even harder! LOL have to work at getting some relaxation time.

Well in having a look through the pictures on the disk I can see I have a few updates to do. First though I did loose my NAS (network attached storage) device - a 2 terabytes of images - for those of you who aren't techno orientated its a shit load of images. Luckily the gizmo just has a faulty chip and the data on the drives is still there. This is the main back up drives so I've had to do a back up of the backup..... good grief! Lets just say that took a couple of weekends to resolve.

For all of you who haven't done so - please back up your images - if you loose them - there'll be tears!

Now on to the pictures....

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