ok...just about to head to Thailand


It could be a bit risky as we just went to a local taverna for dinner... but what the heck.

Conference-wise, its been a bit interesting - intellectually Paul says it was good, but with an average of four power outages a day the conference center was VERY hot. Whilst by the pool, its been lovely! Well after we moved hotels!

Yes, yes, yes, I have done more than laying by the pool... well a little bit more, well, the main sights and ruins of Kos, I'll do photos and a bit of an update when we get to Thailand or maybe even from Frankfurt.

Later all... miss ya all heaps

.... is that my tummy grumbling... oh god! gotta go!

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  1. ...just a tad tooooo much detail at times - no pictures R necessary on the taverna outing Kings!!!!


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