Its been a good day...


Well another busy day today.

International Centre for Photography, shopping, high-end hi-fi shop then back home to change then off to the Broadway Show "The Producers". Very funny, a lot of fun and very well put together...a highly recommend.

I'll post some pics of some other places we've been to this evening some time, The Metropoloitan Museum, The Gungehiem, MOMA and other stuff. Very overwhealming the amount of things that are here, but any who sure our travel guide before we left and saw what Gary suggested we go see (100's of tags on the book!), well we've almost done them all!

Today, more galleries, another hi-fi shop, and off to another show this evening.

Oh, might have forgotten to mention... guess who had their drinks spiked... not a nice experience. Oh well, big city, just need to be a little more careful. More on that when we get back.

much love. kings

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  1. Thats what everyone says about their night out!!!!
    Got to watch those American Queens

  2. boy the pics are great lads... one day we to will be doing this- without kids! mike


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