Holy Moly!!!


Well it's been a few days since a post and I bet your all salivating at the thought of a new post... no pics in this one... just a quicky.

So what have we been up too.... jeez, its been full on! Caught up with our gorgeous friend (who we haven't seen in years!) Erana for the opening of Gay Pride Week at Gracie Mansion - offical residence of the Mayor, had cocktails with some lovely friends of Erana - boy, does she know everyone in town! Then a photo and chat Mayor Bloomberg (112th richest man in the world - according to Forbes!), then a private tour of the mansion. Though I have mentioned that before. Then off for a yummy dinner - Thai around the corner. Off for dinner now... more later.

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  1. Some people have to work for a living. Hope you guys continue to enjoy the trip.


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