Day Two Amsterdam


Oh.... bidding seems to have closed on the first class pj's - BuffySue the winner!

Day Two - Well it started with a very lushious breakfast (oh by the way the last 4 days has been an eating and drinking affair! An no gym in sight! Will have to pound the pavements in NY to wear it off!!!)

Then the tour - the Rembrandt Musuem, city canal tour and lunch at the Vag.

The Rembrandt Musuem was spectacular. The feature was the Night Watch (or to those in the know - 'Company of Frans Banning Cocq and Willem van Ruytenburch'), which also had a brand new Peter Greenaway interpretation and movie feature going at the same time.

A picture from inside....

Have a look here

Now some of you are going to cry when I mention this next bit... but because the tour bus was over an hour late - we only had 15min to do the Rijks Museum... just enough time to do the Peter Greenaway exhibition of the Night Watch, a viewing of the piece with the tour guide pointing out the key bits, a walk very quickly through the gallery with our guide then out again. Oh well... something to go back for to have a proper look! I must say it was a spectacular piece. The tour guide said that Rembrandt used a two-hair brush to paint it... and as you can see its a big piece.

Then off onto the canal boat tour...

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