Back to today....


Well I'm starting to forget what we have been doing - so I thought I would do one on today.

Morning - quiet
Lunch - very naughty retail therapy - Armani, Canali etc!!!! (well we had to do it - sales are on!)
Evening - picnic in Central Park with Nigel and Simon (another couple of Perth lads on holidays here) and we watched the annual Broadbway shows in the park. The special trat was that at the end of the show - after the current Cabaret actresses sang Cabaret, guess who came out on stage! Yup - Liza Minelli!!

Great day... great evening... great company....

On to the pics of the night....

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  1. ok....armani,etc

    However, Tiffany's is located on fifth ave -and is open Monday - Friday 10-7pm.
    I have reasearched this. Don't feel you have to go tooooooo overboard boys = a small diamond is sufficient..............(I can dream!)


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